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  • 3 (three) straight-backed, armless chairs or artist benches placed in a semi-circle
    with reasonable spacing. The seats should be flat and no more than 18" high.
  • Small table for flutes.
  • The performance floor should be wood.
  • There should be no extraneous noise in the performance space, such as:
        (a) audio hum or hiss
        (b) air conditioning or ventilation noise
        (c) cooling fans for sound or lighting equipment
        (d) dimmer noise
  • If the hall has convertible acoustic capabilities, the reverb time
    should be set moderately long (plus or minus 3 seconds).
  • The stage (or other performance space) should be at least 40 inches
    (1 meter) higher than the floor of the audience area.
  • Even though electronics are generally used for a Festival of Four
    concert, the look should be very clean and "acoustic."


  • General stage lighting.
  • Creative lighting washes can enhance the visual effect of the
    performance and are encouraged by Festival of Four. Specific lighting cues for
    pieces can be arranged with the head electrician prior to the
    performance, when possible.
  • Center stage special focused to accommodate all musicians or
    overlapping specials (one for each musician).


Festival of Four is an acoustic ensemble, but because of the variable qualities of most performance spaces, sound reinforcement is usually necessary.

  • 3 (three) microphones placed on low boom stands and one (one)
    microphone placed on a regular microphone stand, one for each performer and specifically suitable for acoustic instruments.
  • 1 (one) vocal microphone, on a regular microphone stand placed
    downstage right.
  • The sound system must be completely quiet. There can be no audible
    hiss, hum or buzz.


We would like (when possible):

  • Drinking water: Evian or mineral water preferred
  • Hot water and herbal tea, coffee
  • A variety of fresh fruit (bananas, when possible)
  • Snacks (Deli sandwiches, chips, etc.) if possible…not essential.
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